Training and coaching for resilience and productivity
with Dr. Rachel Morris

We help doctors and other busy professionals in high stakes jobs beat stress and take control of their work so they can feel calmer, be more productive and thrive in work and life. 

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Hi there!

I'm Dr. Rachel Morris

A GP with a background in Medical Education and I designed the courses & resources especially for you. A thought leader on resilience in the workplace, I am a part of the Faculty for the University of Cambridge (Institute for Continuing Education Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education) and I regularly lectures around the country on leadership, resilience, workplace stress and thriving at work.

  Is your job demanding?

Have things heated up so slowly that you didn’t notice the extra-long days becoming the norm? Are you used to constantly being on the edge of burnout? Do you feel like a frog in boiling water?  What will happen when you reach boiling point?

Let’s face it, frogs generally have only two options – stay and be boiled alive, or jump out of the pan. Happily, YOU ARE NOT A FROG! You have many more options, choices and control than you think.

That’s where this podcast comes in. It is possible to be master of your own destiny, to craft your job and career so that you can thrive even in the most difficult of situations.  A few simple changes could make a huge difference to your stress levels, your resilience & productivity.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 52 – A year of the frog

The week’s episode is a special one as the Frog celebrates a year of podcasting! It’s been quite a year - including charting in Apple’s Top 100 Business Podcasts in the UK!

Episode 51 – How to stay calm and focused in the face of uncertainty

This week Rachel is joined once more by Dr Caroline Walker, otherwise known as The Joyful Doctor to look at what on earth has happened over the past 6 months and what we can anticipate in the coming months.

Episode 50 – Freeing yourself from the money trap

Joining Rachel in this week’s episode is Dr Tommy Perkins, as well as being a GP Partner, and father, Tommy is one half of Medics Money. Medics Money is an organisation specifically aimed at helping doctors make better decisions with their finances.