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We help doctors and other busy professionals in high stakes jobs beat stress and take control of their work so they can feel calmer, be more productive and thrive in work and life. 


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We've designed training & resources both specifically for people working in healthcare and for those who don't. Click below to find out more details.

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Is your job demanding?

Have things heated up so slowly that you didn’t notice the extra-long days becoming the norm?  Are you used to constantly being on the edge of burnout? Do you feel like a frog in boiling water?  What will happen when you reach boiling point?

Let’s face it, frogs generally have only two options – stay and be boiled alive, or jump out of the pan. Happily, YOU ARE NOT A FROG! You have many more options, choices and control than you think.

That’s where this podcast comes in. It is possible to be master of your own destiny, to craft your job and career so that you can thrive even in the most difficult of situations.  A few simple changes could make a huge difference to your stress levels, your resilience & productivity.

You Are Not A Frog is an Apple UK Business Chart Top 100 Podcast - with over 500 000 downloads, it's the go-to podcast for thriving at work for doctors and other busy professionals in high stakes jobs.

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Who are we?

The Shapes Toolkit was created by Dr Rachel Morris, an Executive and Team Coach and a former GP with a background in Medical Education. A thought leader on resilience in the workplace, she also hosts the You Are Not A Frog podcast.

Annie Hanekom is a Leadership Practitioner and works with Rachel designing and delivering their breakthrough Shapes Toolkit resilience and leadership programmes both within the Healthcare and Corporate sectors.