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Supporting YOU during the COVID crisis 

How we can help?

We work with professionals in high stress jobs and specialise in supporting & increasing their resilience.We provide one-to-one coaching and group coaching, as well as webinars and training to help individuals beat stress, make better decisions, remain calm and work better under difficult circumstances.


One to One Online Coaching

We can offer you 1:1 individual ‘Power hour’ 60- or 30-minute sessions, or 2-hour Executive Coaching sessions designed with you in mind.

  • Focus on how you will plan your working week
  • Think through how you will manage  whilst working virtually
  • Manage yourself for wellbeing and resilience
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Think through any area where you currently feel stuck
  • Plan some structure into your day for maximum focus and productivity



Online Group Coaching

The level of uncertainty and change you are now experiencing is unprecedented with many of us heads down, in reactive mode and juggling multiple challenges. Group coaching is a powerful way to enable groups of people to solve their own problems, move forward on issues and learn from each other.

Group Coaching provides an opportunity to lift our heads and have a moment to think, reflect and plan in a supportive environment with others.  The group setting is particularly helpful in sharing knowledge, skills and experience as well as building a greater sense of collaboration and support during a difficult time.  The sessions will also help you think about what’s in your control, manage your mindset positively and focus on the here and now.



What our clients say...

‘I find that the Shapes has given me a comprehensive menu of tools which helps me reduce stress and get my work done. Having the material at my fingertips means that I am always well prepared for one-to-one sessions with my team. The Shapes really do help transform the way that I think about my work situation’

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You can use these work sheets to help you as you start to work in the new normal.

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