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  • 3 retreat templates to use whether you’ve got one hour, 3 hours, or a whole day.
  • A complete guide to help you design your own retreat according to your needs
  • 5 essential steps to take before you go on your retreat
  • A quick audio meditation to help you switch off and stay present
  • Self-coaching resources so you can structure your time and get real value from your retreat!

How to retreat when you can’t go on retreat: 3 DIY retreat recipes for really busy people

Going on retreat is a really effective way to get a new perspective on your life, tackle a big decision or challenge, or reconnect to what you really want from life.

But it’s not always possible to take a few days away. You might have caring responsibilities that mean taking a night or two away just isn’t an option. Your schedule might mean even a whole day off is too much. Or perhaps you’re waiting for your favourite facilitator to open registration for their next live event…

So we’ve come up with the next best thing: 3 DIY retreat templates for you to adapt to the time, space and motivation you’ve got.

This guide is for you if...

  • You like the idea of going on retreat, but don't have the time right now
  • You’re feeling a bit confused or uncertain about your path
  • You’re facing a big question, challenge or dilemma
  • You’re self motivated and enjoy exploring your habits and tendencies
  • You’re open to trying new things and excited about the prospect of getting to know yourself better

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