Your money or your life?

How to use your finances to live and work happier

...with Dr Rachel Morris, host of the You Are Not A Frog podcast and Dr Tommy Perkins, co-founder of Medics Money


7:30pm UK time


✔︎ How to value your time rather than your money (and why that's so important) 

✔︎ The key to using your money for MAXIMUM satisfaction, wellbeing and happiness

✔︎ How to live a truly fulfilling and meaningful life - no matter what's in your bank account

Plant growing from jar of money: Your Money or your life? Free training for doctors

THURSDAY 20th January

7.30pm UK time

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Presented By... 

Dr Rachel Morris is a GP turned Executive Coach, Speaker and host of the popular You are Not a Frog podcast - sharing life hacks for doctors so they can beat burnout and work happier. 

Rachel knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and one crisis away from not coping. She believes that you don’t need to do a dramatic career change to thrive in your 9-5 (or 8-8) but there are simple changes you can make that will make a HUGE amount of difference.

Rachel now specialises in resilience in the workplace for doctors and runs The Shapes Toolkit training helping them make the most of their one wild and precious life (thank you Mary Oliver!)

She is also Director of Leadership Courses for Red Whale and a tutor for the University of Cambridge Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education. She knows how to give good CPD!

Dr Tommy Perkins, BSc(Hons) MBChB MRCGP PGDipClinDerm, is co-founder of Medics' Money.

He founded Doctors Tax Rebate in 2014 to help his colleagues reduce the costs of training - which evolved into Medics’ Money in 2018.

Now, along with co-founder Dr Ed Cantelo, he's on a mission to help doctors reduce their training costs and make better financial decisions.

He likes hanging out with his young family and spending time on or in the water. 



"Doctors shouldn't have to choose between following their calling and enjoying their lives. Understanding how to approach your finances to maximise your wellbeing is the key to unlocking personal and professional fulfillment. Join Tommy and I to find out what doctors need to know about money - and life!"

- Dr Rachel Morris