FREE training to help doctors thrive under pressure, and regain control.

13 July 2021 - 8pm UK time - Online

Are the demands of your work  increasing - along with its impact on the rest of your life?

Do you wish you had a way to press "pause", and take stock - without letting your colleagues or patients down?

Would you love to feel energised, fulfilled and inspired by your work - even in these challenging times?

Permission to Thrive is a live online training hosted by Dr Rachel Morris and Dr Caroline Walker, with practical strategies designed specifically to support doctors in challenging times.

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You'll learn:

✔︎ 2 instant techniques to stop the overwhelm so that you feel calmer and love your job again

✔︎ 3 simple strategies you can implement today, to help you thrive at work even when you’re stretched

✔︎ The FUN and EASY way to grow your resilience and boost your energy - so you can ditch the dull expensive CPD

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Dr. Rachel Morris is a GP turned Executive Coach and Trainer and host of the popular You are Not a Frog podcast - a podcast for professionals in high-stress jobs who want to make small changes that will make a big difference. 

Rachel knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and one crisis away from not coping. She believes that you don’t need to dramatically change careers to thrive in your 9-5 (or 8-8) but there are simple things you can do and changes you can make that will make a HUGE amount of difference.

Rachel now specialises in resilience in the workplace for doctors and professionals in high-stress jobs and runs training all over the country (and the internet!) helping people to make the most of their one wild and precious life (thank you Mary Oliver!) She is also Director of Leadership Courses for Red Whale and a tutor for the University of Cambridge Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education. She knows how to give good CPD!

Dr. Caroline Walker, is Founder of The Joyful Doctor, an NHS-based psychiatrist and a specialist in the mental health and wellbeing of doctors. She is an inspirational speaker, trainer and coach who is passionate about reducing stigma for doctors struggling with their mental health and wellbeing.

Caroline has first hand experience of how the pressures of working in medicine can impact on your life through burnout, bipolar disorder and addiction. She got tired of seeing her colleagues succumbing to the constant pressures of work - leading many to become disillusioned, depressed and in some cases even suicidal - and she had to do something!

For over 10 years Caroline has helped overworked and underappreciated doctors who struggle with their mental health or career choices to stop ‘just existing’ and instead embrace life and take steps towards a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life and career. The organisations she has worked with help their doctors to embrace their inherent strengths, take better care of themselves and each other, and to feel more energised and optimistic about their work and their future careers.

Caroline founded The Joyful Doctor to support even more doctors to get the help they need, without fear of judgement of negative consequences.

"I've been quite stressed and overworked lately, and was almost overwhelmed by negative emotions by the time the webinar session started. I wasn't expecting it to be so helpful for me, yet it became very topical and gave some very useful tools to cope with stress. Thanks!"

“Essential to encourage doctors to take care of themselves”

"Came away with lots of useful tools to apply to my own life to improve my well-being. It challenged my ideas and has helped me approach situations in a new way since."

“Thank you again for sharing a space for us to be and to grow”