Create a happy, connected and thriving healthcare team in your Practice and Primary Care Network

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A Fragmented New Normal?

As a GP, PCN Director, healthcare team leader or practice manager leading a busy practice, network or healthcare team, you probably feel like you don't have much time for your day job right now!

You may be navigating all the new roles coming in and struggling to make sure your practice or all the practices in the network are working constructively together to employ and use these new colleagues well. 

You may be worried about how to get practices to support and integrate colleagues in the new roles, and you may be worried that they will be unhappy, under utilised or not positively managed. 

With the demands being placed on Primary Care a the moment, it's no wonder that you might feel so busy that it’s a struggle to keep on top of your own work, let alone do all the things needed when leading your team, the practice or the PCN.

You may be unsure about how to take people with you through the huge changes that are going on in primary care, especially with little or no authority over people in other practices.

You may be struggling to run good virtual or hybrid meetings where people actually make decisions, and you feel frustrated that things are taking so long. 

You may be constantly worried about your own levels of stress and anxiety and feel a huge burden of responsibility on you to ‘fix it’ for everyone. 

If you don’t get this solved you could miss out on the funding available to make improvements. 

Increasingly, your GPs and other health professionals may burn out or leave, and you may struggle to recruit more staff into your practice. You might end up being taken over by other practices and lose your autonomy and control of what’s going on. 

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As the workload has increased, many GPs, PCN Directors, Healthcare Team Leaders and Practice Managers like you, are finding yourself overstretched and worried.

✔︎ You're trying to support everyone on a one-to-one basis but feeling burnt out yourself

✔︎ You are concerned that you are not doing enough to support your team and that people are really struggling right now

✔︎ You are worried that you don’t have answers for your team and that there’s even more change coming

✔︎ You are seeing conflict and overwhelm within your team which is difficult to sort out ‘online’ rather than face to face

✔︎ Your staff are increasingly isolated, even if they are working on the frontline, and you have tried things like virtual coffee mornings and team drinks but the initial enthusiasm has now wained

✔︎ You are worried that if you don’t get this right people will start leaving, disputes and complaints will go up and you won't be able to give your patients the care and services that they need

Before I tell you all about this life–changing program, let's talk about who this is really for.

✓ Whether you're a PCN Director, Clinical Lead in another capacity, GP, Allied Healthcare Professional Team Leader or Practice Manager...

✓ Whether you lead one or more teams, with or without direct reports...

✓ Whether you're in another leadership role such as a trainer, appraiser, mentor or coach...

✓ Whether your team is virtual, face-to-face or a mix of both...  

The main thing is, that you want to have people who are truly thriving, not just surviving at work.

You want a resilient team who can solve their own problems and support each other, allowing them and you to really make an impact and enjoy both work and life.  

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Imagine how different work would feel...

→ Knowing that your team were happy and thriving, even in the new ways of working in primary care

→ If your team were connecting better, both formally and informally regularly in ways which helped them support each other

→ If you had a set of tools which could help you support your team in a way that was sustainable for you

→ If no-one in your team felt isolated or lonely at work

→ If the team could trust each other more, and were able to have frank and open conversations about the really tough issues, in which disagreement was constructive and even helpful



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A down-to-earth online membership programme for busy leaders in healthcare and high stress organisations who want to build a happy and thriving team

Giving you the complete Shapes Toolkit™ system and coaching tools to do less in order to support your team better, reduce the overwhelm and stress of being a great leader and stop doing everything yourself…

As a member of the Resilient Team Academy, you will get:

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Strategies & Techniques

Monthly Deep Dive live Masterclass 

PLUS access to a video and audio recording to watch in your own time if you can’t make it

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Done-for-you Resources

A monthly off-the-shelf bitesize video and team building activity to use in meetings providing you with practical ways to help your team connect with each other and build trust and resilience

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& Advice

Monthly Live Q&A session hosted by Dr Rachel Morris so you can ask questions and get immediate answers and advice to any challenges you might be facing

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PLUS A brand new 6-module online course and resources for leaders in Primary Care created by Ben Gowland & Rachel Morris worth £97! 

'How to Get People to Work Together
Across Practices and Networks' 


✔︎ 6 mistakes leaders in healthcare make and how to avoid them

✔︎ A practical course to get you from confused, trying to do everything yourself and overwhelmed to focussed, in control, with people on the same boat. 

✔︎ 6 module course which includes 6 video lessons plus workbook to help you take control and thrive as a leader in healthcare

✔︎ BONUS #1: The Practice Priority Tool from Ockham Healthcare, to help you set priorities for projects in your practice or network

✔︎ BONUS #2: The Future of General Practice e-Book: Real Life Case Studies of Innovation and New Ways of Working' e-book by Ben Gowland and Ian Keeber


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The Resilient Team Academy will...

→ Teach you how to use the breakthrough Shapes Toolkit coaching, productivity and resilience tools to help you take control of what you can and have transformational conversations

→ Help you increase the quality and quantity of team connections and give you done-for-you team building resources and activities you need to do just that

→ Help you get a plan together for how to lead and support your team

→ Change your mindset to help you deal with conflict, change and uncertainty

→ Take the burden off you as team leader thinking that you have to ‘fix it’ for everyone

→ Give you a community of like-minded colleagues


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What's Included in the Membership?

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✔︎  The Shapes Toolkit Core Training
The full done-for-you toolbox including videos, handout and worksheets with all you need to implement the fundamentals of leading and supporting a busy team.

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✔︎  Monthly Live Shapes Masterclass
These masterclasses will delve deeper into aspects of thriving at work. You'll get a recording if you can't make it.

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✔︎ Monthly 10 questions in 10 minute live: Q&A

All of your burning questions answered every month! Get the tailored support you need to successfully implement these new strategies.

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✔︎ 20 minute coaching Hot Seat demos

Short 1:1 hot seat coaching demo videos showing you how to use the Shapes to work through situation with your team members where they feel stuck.

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✔︎  Monthly Short Bitesize Videos
Short 3 minute videos with team building activities focussing on wellbeing and productivity to use in team meetings. Choose from 5 minute, 20 minute or 40 minute activities to do with your team.

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✔︎ Access to a private Facebook group

A private group of like-minded leaders trying to build a resilient team. Network, share and learn from fellow members 


The Stress-Less Dashboard e-book

On top of everything you'll get in the membership by joining today, I wanted to give you something extra special!

When you join, I'll also include my brand new e-book 'The Stress-Less Dashboard' in your membership. 

You'll discover some great strategies to increase your own wellbeing, stop feeling overwhelmed and make sure that you're as physically and mentally fit as you can be.

This is part of the cure for burnout and overwhelm... don't let this chance pass you by!

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More Love From Our Clients...

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Watch this 5 minute video to find out how Teri Putnam, Head of Delivery, Education Reform Team at Cambridge University Press has used the Shapes Toolkit with her team.

Teri Putnam, Head of Delivery, Education Reform Team at Cambridge University Press

"I really, genuinely recommend the Shapes Toolkit. It’s had a real impact on teams and individuals, it’s accessible, applicable and transferrable across teams."

Listen to what Matthew Walker, Publishing Director of the Learning for Schools Business in the Education Division of Cambridge University Press has to say about his experience of using the Shapes Toolkit with his team

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What Our Members Say...

Emma - Clinical Nurse Specialist and Palliative Care Team Lead
"It's a space to think. Sometimes we are so busy doing what we do that we don't think about why we do.
It's created a space to think about why do we do what we do and could we be doing it in a better way "
Debbie - Practice Manager
"It’s given me more confidence to try things that I wouldn’t have tried before. My team feel I’m more approachable and I reflect on things more before coming up with solutions rather than panicking and trying to rescue everyone"

No Risk To You - Full Money-Back Guarantee

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If within the first 3 months you haven't used the resources, listened to the webinars and didn’t find them of any value, simple email us and we will happily refund 100% of your payment. No questions asked. 

The Resilient Team Academy has been created by Dr Rachel Morris

Rachel is a GP with a special interest in resilience in the workplace. She has been working with the NHS for over 20 years and set up and led the Professionalism Course for Cambridge University School of Clinical Medicine teaching leadership, team working and resilience.

She's currently a tutor for the PGCert in Medical Education at the Cambridge University Institute for Continuing Education, and also Director of Leadership Courses for Red Whale, GP Update Ltd where she regularly lectures about resilience, leadership and thriving at work.

She’s an Executive and Team Coach and founder of Wild Monday where she created the Shapes Toolkit, a series of coaching and productivity tools to enhance team resilience which she delivers around the UK to doctors and other professionals in high-stress jobs.

She’s also the host of the podcast You Are Not a Frog which ranks in the Top 100 UK Apple Business Podcast Chart.

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Ben Gowland is the co-host of the special bonus course for GP's, healthcare professionals and practice managers

Ben was a Chief Executive for 8 years in the NHS. He has also been a Director of an acute trust, and run national improvement programmes. He has extensive experience of working with GPs, and is best known for setting up and establishing Nene Commissioning, first as one of the leading PBC organisations in the country, and then as one of the largest CCGs.

He currently works with PCNs, Federations and CCGs helping them work better together and creating the structure and conditions in which they can collaborate successfully to deliver high quality healthcare. 

He is the host of the popular ‘The General Practice Podcast’ and is an expert on Primary Care Networks and how to run them!

Annie Hanekom is a co-host and teacher in the Academy 

Annie is an executive coach, facilitator and leadership practitioner. She has spent more than 16 years in the consulting and leadership development arena both in the UK and in South Africa, currently based in Cambridge in the UK, serving global clients in both locations. She has coached and advised on leadership, team and personal effectiveness and focuses on building deep self awareness in individuals.

Annie combines experience in consulting with her strong interpersonal skills and draws on her endurance athletics passion and experience to focus on building leaders' potential, providing thinking partnership and working with individuals and teams to evolve their awareness of themselves. She does this through advising on people strategy, leadership programme development, facilitation and executive and team coaching.

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What is The Shapes Toolkit™?

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The Shapes Toolkit is the one of the key things missing from most leadership training.

The last thing you need as a leader, is something else to add to your plate - and having to do all the legwork to implement a new strategy...

The Shapes Toolkit is a scientifically proven coaching approach done-for-you and forms the core content for the Resilient Team Academy.

Meaning that you can start using these TODAY with your team and implement this framework directly into your organisation, right where you are.

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Don't leave this page without making the choice to TRANSFORM your work and life today and finally start managing a thriving and happy team!

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