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Are you doing a demanding day job and also leading a team?

Overwhelming demand and workload is causing unprecedented levels of stress and burnout, and staff are going off sick, retiring early or leaving, creating even more work for those who remain.

In the past, healthcare professionals have absorbed the work by working longer and harder, often sacrificing their own home life and wellbeing, but now they are at capacity and there's no more flex in the system.

If nothing changes, the system will simply fail.

Today's working environment has made teams more fragmented than ever and healthcare leaders are feeling an increasing sense of isolation, stress and fatigue, combined with the overwhelming workload.

You may feel worried about your team's ability to cope, feel responsible and exhausted trying to 'fix it' for everyone. You may be concerned that you are not doing enough to support them - but you don't have the time or resources needed to do a great job. 

The Resilient Team Academy helps leaders retain their staff by building successful teams that feel better, are in control of their workload, and thriving at work.

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A transformative leadership programme designed for you

Step-by-step essential training, tools and resources you need to support your team for resilience, productivity and wellbeing so you and your team can...

Maintain a good work-life balance even when working in difficult times

Feel on top of your workload and able to prioritise and deal with daily challenges

Control your stress by changing your response to demands and expectations

Lead a happy team that is connected and thriving working in a hybrid or virtual environment

Promote trust and reduce conflict by enabling frank and honest conversations

Empower your team to support each other and solve their own problems rather than fixing it yourself

Trusted by leading healthcare organisations

The Resilient Team Academy success path

The Resilient Team Academy provides monthly training and practical tools which help you and your team take control of your workload, beat stress and burnout and have better conversations by following our six step plan …

What will I get when I join?

You will get instant access to the Shapes Toolkit leadership training, done-for-you tools and online resources – all at your finger tips.

Your membership includes:
Live training

Monthly live webinars with access to replays if you can’t make it

Team resources

Bitesize videos and activities to help your team connect and build trust and resilience

The Shapes toolkit

All the Shapes core content training and access to handouts and conversation canvasses

Join our community

A thriving community of like-minded peers to share insights with and get advice

Live Q&A sessions

Hosted by Dr Rachel Morris offering tailored advice on the challenges you are facing

Coaching videos

Coaching demos showing you how to use the Shapes in conversations with your team.

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What our members and clients say...


"It's a space to think. Sometimes we are so busy doing what we do that we don't think about why we do. It's created a space to think about why do we do what we do and could we be doing it in a better way"


Clinical Nurse Specialist and Team Leader

"It’s given me more confidence to try things that I wouldn’t have tried before. My team feel I’m more approachable and I reflect on things more before coming up with solutions rather than panicking and trying to rescue everyone"


Practice Manager

"We have found the Shapes Toolkit has given us lots of practical advice on dealing with day to day challenges right across our business, and it's presented in such a way that it's really easy for people to recognise no matter what context they are working in."

Matthew Walker, Publishing Director of the Learning for Schools Business

Cambridge University Press

“I really, genuinely recommend the Shapes Toolkit. It’s had a real impact on teams and individuals, it’s accessible, applicable and transferrable across teams.”

Teri Putnam, Head of Delivery

Cambridge Partnership for Education

"Thank you so much for all you and the team are doing. We revisited our whole practice well-being as a team following our Shapes work and last week, I used the 5 questions you’d suggested with the GP team.

I loved the compassionate leadership thinking behind these and how this lead onto both self compassion and consideration of others we work alongside too.

...I still love the Zone Of Power and remind myself, patients and colleagues about the things I can say and do that are in my control - alongside a lot of things like waiting times and backlog I’m afraid is out of my control.

Thank you and all the RTA team for everything. We are here, tuning in and cannot thank you enough for your kindness and sharing some fantastic resources with us all."



"I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the first Resilience Team Academy and only wish that I had had the resources and your shared knowledge and  wisdom some years ago but they have been so helpful as we explore the ways to work as we come out of the pandemic with a huge undertaking of backlogged work." 

Consultant Anaesthetis

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About us

The Resilient Team Academy is hosted by Dr Rachel Morris and Annie Hanekom who have extensive experience of working in the NHS and other high stress organisations with teams under pressure.

The Resilient Team Academy was created by Dr Rachel Morris

Rachel knows what it's like to work in the NHS and feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

Through training as a coach, she discovered some productivity, coaching and resilience tools which made a huge difference to how she lived and worked. She has seen first hand the difference that these tools have made to leaders and their teams and put them together to create the Shapes toolkit. She now works with doctors and other leaders, sharing the Shapes Tools and helping professionals in high stress jobs beat burnout and work happier. 

Rachel is a speaker, trainer and executive and team coach. She created the Shapes Toolkit, a series of coaching and productivity tools to enhance team resilience which she delivers around the UK to doctors and other professionals in high-stress jobs. 

She worked as a GP in the NHS for over 20 years and set up and led the Professionalism Course for Cambridge University School of Clinical Medicine teaching leadership, team working and resilience. She’s currently a tutor for the PGCert in Medical Education at the Cambridge University Institute for Continuing Education.

Rachel is also the host of the podcast You Are Not a Frog which ranks in the Top 100 UK Apple Business Podcast Chart.

Annie Hanekom is a co-host and teacher in the Academy

Annie is an executive coach, facilitator and leadership practitioner. She has spent more than 16 years in the consulting and leadership development arena both in the UK and in South Africa, currently based in Cambridge in the UK, serving global clients in both locations. She has coached and advised on leadership, team and personal effectiveness and focuses on building deep self awareness in individuals.

Annie combines experience in consulting with her strong interpersonal skills and draws on her endurance athletics passion and experience to focus on building leaders' potential, providing thinking partnership and working with individuals and teams to evolve their awareness of themselves. She does this through advising on people strategy, leadership programme development, facilitation and executive and team coaching.

The Shapes Toolkit™ - transforming healthcare leadership and their teams

The Shapes Toolkit is the one of the key things missing from most leadership training.

The Shapes are memorable, easy to use and can give the team a shared framework and language to use when talking through issues of resilience and productivity.

The Shapes Toolkit™ consists of:

The Zone of Power

Recognising the things you have control over.

This empowers teams to take more responsibility over the things that they can control and enables them to be more proactive.

The Stressors Hexagon

The 6 causes of workplace stress.

Enables people to identify the potential causes of stress in their workplace and make the necessary changes.

The Vortex of Busyness

The 8 ‘Ways to wellbeing’ 

Enables teams to have conversations to increase their wellbeing and recognise when colleagues are heading towards burnout.

The Coaching Pentagon

A simple coaching model for better conversations.

Enables managers to have empowering conversations in which team members are able to solve their own problems.

In the Corner,

How we react badly when stressful things happen.

Helps team members recognise the thinking which triggers their stress, and then change their response to stressful events.

The Prioritisation Grid

A time and workload management matrix.

Helps people to prioritise their workload and to set aside time to deal with the important things first.

The Drama Triangle

Identifying when you are stuck in a victim, a persecutor or a rescuer role.

This helps people to identify when they are taking an unhelpful role, and helps them move away from a victim, rescuer or persecutor mentality, and empower others to do so too.

The Shapes Toolkit is a done-for-you set of tools based on neuroscience and a coaching approach, and forms the core content for the Resilient Team Academy.

These 7 shapes provide the mindset and tools to help you and your colleagues to thrive. 

You can start using these today to help have better conversations with your team, take a coaching approach and implement this framework directly into your organisation, right where you are.

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"Rachel has such a lovely way with her, you just feel you’re talking to a good friend over a coffee! She encourages and stretches people in such a warm, non-judgemental way that is great for fellow medics and others in similar roles. And yet she has accumulated such wisdom in coaching to get the best out of people, she’s read so much and can signpost so many things that you feel encouraged and enabled by her and her very extensive repertoire of recommendations. Keep up the good work Rachel - you’re doing amazing stuff and its much appreciated by so many of us! Thank you."

Prof Keri Thomas
GP and Creator of the Gold Standards Framework

"Even though I'm not in healthcare, the RTA helped me as the director of a small charity to access a brilliant set of tools to help me manage myself as well as my team. The way the programme is set up made it easy for me to access materials at times which suited me, and the monthly webinar was a great opportunity to share with others in the same boat. Rachel is empathetic as well as knowledgeable - a reassuring combination which makes for a really effective coach." 

Jonathan Tame
Executive Director Jubilee Centre

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