Shapes Workshop

Norfolk and Waveney Health and Wellbeing for Primary Care

How to deal with conflict and other stressful situations


Tuesday 17th January 2023 at 12.30-2 pm

This session helps participants change their response to challenging situations such as conflict, which causes anxiety and stress. Participants explore the neuroscience of the threat response and how we can become 'backed into a corner' by the stories we tell ourselves. They learn how to identify when they are triggered, press the pause button and change their mindset to respond in a more human and compassionate way. 

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FREE MEMBERSHIP: You will also be able to sign up for  one year's free access to the Resilient Team Academy, a membership for professionals in healthcare and other high stress organisations who want to get happy, thriving teams. It provides all the essential training and tools they need to support their teams for resilience.