How To Lead Without Rescuing

Give your overwhelmed team the support they need - without doing everything yourself.


A free 60-minute live training for doctors and busy healthcare professionals, with Dr Rachel Morris.

Tuesday 16th July

7:30pm - 8:30pm BST.

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Healthcare teams are under more pressure than ever. We see it in the levels of overwhelm and burnout, people going off sick or quitting altogether, and the conflict and resentment that bubbles up in the ones who are left to do the work.


If you lead or manage a healthcare team and want to know how to support people better without resorting to taking on their work yourself, this 60-minute training is for you.


At this interactive online webinar you'll learn:

  • Why healthcare¬†teams get¬†stuck in overwhelm and stress,¬†and what you can do to break the vicious cycle

  • The dynamic we inadvertently set up by trying to fix things ourselves, and how it can actually make things worse for the people we're trying to help

  • How to empower your team to take back control of their resilience and manage their own workloads.¬†

  • You'll also find out how you can access more resources to support¬†leaders and teams in the Shapes Academy - our online membership for doctors and healthcare professionals who lead teams.

Can't make it live? No worries, we'll send you the recording of the session so you won't miss out!

Join Dr Rachel Morris, host of You Are Not A Frog podcast, former GP, and specialist in resilience at work, for this practical online workshop, designed specifically for busy doctors and leaders in healthcare.


You'll discover new tools and strategies you can use to stop back-biting and in-fighting, create a culture where people can say what they think without the drama, and free up your time to focus on your real work. 


(You know - the things you'd be able to get on with if you weren't stuck sorting out everyone else's stuff...)


When your team are under huge pressure, and the strain is starting to show - you want to do whatever you can to help.


After all, when people are going off sick; burning out; or falling into conflict - you have to do something.


But coming to the rescue and taking on their tasks as well as your own isn't the answer.


In fact, it can entrench a mindset that keeps team members stuck, helpless, and over-reliant on you.


(Not to mention leaving YOU feeling overwhelmed and one crisis away from burnout...)


Find out what you can do instead to empower your team and build their resilience, even with an overwhelming workload.











About Rachel Morris


Dr Rachel Morris is an Executive and Team Coach and a former GP with a background in Medical Education.

She knows firsthand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and one crisis away from not coping.

Now, she helps doctors and other professionals in high stress, high stakes jobs beat burnout and work happier. 

Rachel is also the host of the Apple Top 100 UK Business Chart podcast You Are Not a Frog, keynote speaker, coach, and creator of the Shapes Toolkit resilience training programme. 

When Rachel's not working, she's catching up on podcasts, reading everything she can about neuroscience, happiness, psychology and philosophy, getting active or listening to live music.