The Resilient Team Academy Is Now Closed For Individual Memberships But Please Use The Form Below For Primary Care Networks and Other Organisations. 

The Resilient Team Academy Corporate Package - for busy leaders in healthcare 

Helping leaders build happy, thriving and connected teams

We’re delighted to be able to offer a special discounted rate for Primary Care Networks and other organisations who would like to buy bulk membership for their leaders and teams.

If you would love to create thriving, connected and resilient practice teams across your PCN, we’d love to share this special corporate rate with you.

For a single payment of £2490 plus VAT, you’ll get access to unlimited subscriptions to the Resilient Team Academy for one year for any manager or leader working in your PCN.

To get this offer, email us at [email protected] by clicking the button or by completing the enquiry form below. 

Work in another organisation in health or social care? Get in touch to find out more about our discounted corporate membership packages for organisations. Different packages are available depending on the size of your organisation. 

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