Free Webinar

How to support your team
through the new ways of working in primary care without burning out yourself

with Dr Rachel Morris and Ben Gowland

Are you running out of ways to support your overwhelmed team to be more effective?

This Webinar Will Teach You:

✔︎ How to support your team without taking on extra work yourself

✔︎ The number one challenge your teams are facing - and what you can do about it

✔︎ How to stop being the rescuer and instead empower your team

✔︎ What to do when people are moaning and complaining

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Webinar Hosted by Dr Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris is a GP with a background in Medical Education . A thought leader on resilience in the workplace, she is part of the Faculty for the University of Cambridge (Institute for Continuing Education Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education) and regularly lectures around the country on leadership, resilience, workplace stress and thriving at work.

Dr Rachel Morris
Dr Rachel Morris

...and Ben Gowland

Ben was a Chief Executive for 8 years in the NHS. He has also been a Director of an acute trust, and run national improvement programmes. He has extensive experience of working with GPs, and is best known for setting up and establishing Nene Commissioning, first as one of the leading PBC organisations in the country, and then as one of the largest CCGs. He currently works with PCNs, Federations and CCGs helping them work better together and creating the structure and conditions in which they can collaborate successfully to deliver high quality healthcare. Ben is the host of the popular ‘The General Practice Podcast’ and is an expert on Primary Care Networks and how to run them!

"I think in these circumstances, you need that little bit. of extra support! And you need to realise you're not the only one struggling with things."
"It’s given me more confidence to try things that I wouldn’t have tried before. My team feel I’m more approachable and I reflect on things more rather than panicking and trying to rescue everyone."
"I really, genuinely recommend the Shapes Toolkit. It’s had a real impact on teams and individuals, it’s accessible, applicable and transferrable across teams."