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What do our members say about the Resilient Team Academy?

"I think in these circumstances, you need that little bit. of extra support!
And you need to realize you're not the only one struggling with things"
"It's a space to think. Sometimes we are so busy doing what we do that we don't think about why we do.
It's created a space to think about why do we do what we do and could we be doing it in a better way "
"It’s given me more confidence to try things that I wouldn’t have tried before.
My team feel I’m more approachable and I reflect on things more before coming up with solutions rather than panicking and trying to rescue everyone"

Listen to how the Shapes Toolkit has transformed this team:


Here's what Managers think about the Shapes Toolkit

Watch this 5 minute video to find out how Teri Putnam, Head of Delivery, Education Reform Team at Cambridge University Press has used the Shapes Toolkit with her team.

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What Is The Shapes Toolkit?


The Shapes Toolkit is a scientifically proven coaching approach done-for-you.

Meaning that you can start using these TODAY with your team and implement these framework directly into your organisation, right where you are.

Here's what you get when you join the Resilient Team Academy

+ The Shapes Toolkit Core Training 

The full done-for-you toolbox you need to implement the fundamentals of management as a busy leader.


+ Monthly 10 questions in 10min live: Q&A


All of your burning questions answered every week! Get the tailored support you need to successfully implement these new strategies.


+ Monthly Short Bitesize Videos

Short team building activities focussing on wellbeing and productivity to use in team meetings

+ Monthly Live Shapes Masterclass

To help you use the tools in one-to-ones and team meetings


+ Monthly 20min coaching hotseat demos


Once a month I'll have one of you on the seat for some 1:1 coaching! We'll take about your specific situation with the group.


+ Access to a private Facebook group


A private group of like-minded leaders trying to build a resilient team. Network, share and learn from fellow members.

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