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Get some time and headspace, feel calmer, and thrive in work AND life.

It's possible to escape the overwhelm and guilt of never being able to do enough. Get a better work-life balance. And love your work again. 

(Without burning out, or leaving.)

The Shapes Academy is an online membership for doctors and busy leaders in healthcare and other high-stress, high-stakes jobs. It teaches you to use the Shapes Toolkit - powerful, neuroscience-based, coaching and productivity tools - which will help you to:

prioritise your work

say no, set boundaries, and deal with the inevitable pushback

improve your mental fitness and wellbeing

have difficult but vital conversations

stop trying to 'fix it' for everyone. 

If you want to stop feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and one crisis away from burnout and make a deliberate choice to thrive, then join us today!


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Who is the Shapes Academy for?

The Shapes Academy is designed for healthcare professionals in high-pressure roles who want to find a better way of working. One that's not about doing more, pushing yourself harder, or blaming others around you.

If you're a doctor, manager or senior professional working in a high stakes, high stress sector like health and social care who..

feels overwhelmed by escalating workloads and stuck on a hamster wheel of stress and frustration

feels like you're not doing enough, never getting to the bottom of your to-do list

feels responsible for making sure everyone else is OK on top of everything else

knows things need to change - but is wondering how (or if!) that's even possible in a toxic system?

 Welcome. You're in the right place.

It's time to stop doing this on your own.


Join our movement of healthcare professionals who are choosing to go from overworked and calm, confident and back in control

Learn tools to help you create healthy, sustainable work practices so you and your team can thrive. And be supported as you implement them in your day-to-day. Not as abstract concepts, but as practical, proven processes you'll use again and again.

Handle awkward 1:1s with fed-up, stressed out staff with confidence.

Help your team without constantly coming to the rescue and taking on their work.

Stop checking emails on your time off. (Actually take time off in the first place!)

Let go of all the things you can't change in a giant, frustrating system - and actually shift the things you can. (Yes, you do have choices!)

We've worked with thousands of passionate, dedicated healthcare professionals. So we know you'll do your best work when you're happy, thriving, and in control.

These tools will set you up for long-term, powerful change by following our 3 step system... 

Join the Shapes Academy Now

"5 star rating in every way!"

As a busy GP/ PCN CD The Shapes Academy has been absolutely brilliant! I feel much more in control over my ‘NHS overwhelm’. I love the app so I can dip in and remind myself about the tools. 

Rachel and Annie are full of knowledge and tips and just get what it is like working in the NHS in a high stress job. The meetings with them feel safe and personal and in the breakout rooms, listening to how other people are doing, it is very normalising and reassuring.

I’d recommend this if you just feel too busy and drained, you are saying yes to everything and never having time to look after yourself. For me this was the first step to change. I now value my own time more and feel like I have a lot more choice in my life.

I’d give this a 5 star rating in every way and am so glad I signed up. Thank you. 


- GP, South London

#1 Take Back Control

Feel like you're trapped and stuck in a toxic system, unable to change how you work?

Lots of productivity and leadership advice doesn't apply to healthcare. The system is huge, frustrating, and often leaves brilliant people feeling they've got no agency.

Learn how to identify what is in your control, let go of what you can't control, and make a deliberate choice about how you want to live and work.

#2 Think Differently

Discover the simple, powerful tools that will help you work differently. We're not taught this stuff in our many years of training - but the Shapes make cutting edge concepts quick to learn and put into practice.

Identify the stories that are holding you back and keeping you stuck in people pleasing and perfectionism.

Learn to communicate better, set confident boundaries, and focus on what matters.

#3 Change the system

As you start to enjoy your work again, use the Shapes Toolkit with your team.

When you're OK, you'll be far more effective at making sure everyone else in your team is OK too.

Our done-for-you videos and team development activities will help you take a coaching approach and empower your colleagues and teammates - without burning out yourself. So you can support each other to create a sustainable, happy, healthy workplace.

Hi - I'm Dr Rachel Morris

I'm a former GP, Executive Coach, host of the Apple Top 100 UK Business Chart podcast ‘You Are Not a Frog’ and founder of Wild Monday.

I help doctors and other professionals in high stress, high stakes jobs beat burnout and work happier. 

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and one crisis away from not coping. When I trained as an Executive Coach, I discovered some amazing tools and models which made a huge difference to how I felt and dealt with situations at work. I wish I'd learned these tools when I first qualified as a doctor! I've put them together to form the Shapes Toolkit Programme.

Together with our team of Shapes Trainers, we've been sharing these tools as the Shapes Toolkit with healthcare professionals all over the country for the last few years and it's made a HUGE difference to many people's lives. We now teach the Shapes in lots of different ways, through keynote talks, live webinars and workshops and through our e-courses and online memberships.

I believe that you don’t need to dramatically change careers to thrive in your 9-5 (or 8-8) but by thinking differently, you can make deliberate choices to feel calmer, get some time and headspace and love what you do again.

The Shapes Academy was formerly the Resilient Team Academy and has helped over 300 professionals in health and social care take back control and thrive.

We'd love you to join us!

The Shapes Tools are...

Here's what's included in your membership...

The Shapes Toolkit Core Teaching and Resources

7 powerful, easy-to-use coaching tools to transform how you work - from prioritizing to managing conflict. Focus on one shape each month to build your understanding as you go.

A Community Who have Got Your Back

Connect to your peers in the academy in our private, vibrant WhatsApp group for on-the-go support, celebrations and questions.

Shapes Boosters

We know you're busy! Each month, we'll start with a 5-minute video introducing the "Shape of the Month", plus a choice of bitesize resources to help you go deeper into the topic. Succinct. Helpful. Practical.

Monthly Live Masterclasses

Want to go deeper? Join us every month for a live 90 minute masterclass. Get coached on real-world challenges around the Shape of the Month; ask questions; connect with peers and share what you've learned. Perfect for CPD - claim up to 24 hours per year!

Academy In Your Pocket

Get to all the resources whenever you need them with the easy-to-use app. Instant access, at your fingertips.

Tools for teams

Each month, your Shapes Booster includes a done-for-you team development activities (5, 20-minute or 40 minute) you can use straight away in a team meeting or catch up. Understand conflict, move past resentment and build a healthy, connected team.

Choose your membership level...

If you're ready to make a change for yourself with the right tools, coaching and community support, you can choose from two great ways to join The Shapes Academy.

Either take a small step with the monthly membership or be rewarded for your commitment to yourself and the positive change you're making with the special annual membership bonus.

- Either way, we’d love to welcome you!

Registration has now closed - but you can join the waitlist!

Add your name to the waitlist to be the first to know when registration for the Shapes Academy reopens.

"Feels like a pocket coach with a cheerleading squad!"

The Shapes Academy has given me a safe space and confidence to work through the pressures that that contribute to burnout and identify how to enhance the way I approach things. So many useful concepts to challenge your thinking - feels like a pocket coach with a cheerleading squad. Thank you. 

- Susie, Shapes Academy member

Give the Shapes Academy a try with our no-risk guarantee!

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