The Trouble with Wellbeing:

How to support people without patronising, blaming or boring them

Watch Dr Rachel Morris, Annie Hanekom and Kevin Downey present a practical lunchtime workshop exploring best practice when it comes to organisational wellbeing - so you can create the results you need.

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We know looking after peoples' wellbeing is a vital part of building a healthy, thriving organisation.

But many of the interventions used to promote employee wellbeing simply don't work.

In fact they can actually lead to more stress and burnout. Not to mention negatively impacting employee engagement, and leaving people feeling like they're being blamed for the stress they're experiencing.

It's time we figured out what actually works when it comes to wellbeing.

Join leadership expert and coach Annie Hanekom, founder of Wild Monday and host of the You Are Not a Frog podcast Rachel Morris, and Kevin Downey, senior leadership and culture shaping specialist, for this practical online workshop.

You’ll learn:

  • What goes wrong with most wellbeing initiatives, including our hard-won lessons about what tanks engagement and enthusiasm
  • The underlying causes of stress and burnout and the proven techniques that address them
  • The one simple model which will transform your wellbeing initiatives

About Annie Hanekom


Annie is an executive coach, facilitator and leadership practitioner. She has spent more than 21 years in the consulting and leadership development arena both in the UK and in South Africa, where she coached and advised on leadership, team and personal effectiveness.


Now, Annie's focus is on building deep self-awareness in individuals to allow them to create extraordinary teams and organisations.


As well as her professional experience she loves to draw on her passion for endurance athletics to focus on building leaders' potential. She specialises in advising on people strategy, leadership programme development, facilitation and executive and team coaching.

About Rachel Morris


Rachel Morris is a former GP, Coach, host of the You Are Not A Frog podcast, and creator of the Shapes Toolkit.

She has a background in Medical Education and specialises in resilience at work and believes that we can thrive not just survive at work and in life, even through challenging times.

About Kevin Downey

Kevin is a senior leadership and culture shaping specialist with 30+ years’ experience.

He helps people create an environment where they can flourish and do their best work.

When he's not working, he's doing a building project, playing with his grandchildren, sprinting around aimlessly on a squash court or having an “early-doors beer”.