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For people in high-stress, high-stakes jobs - who are ready to create a life they love.


Join Dr Rachel Morris and expert guest speakers to:


🐸 PLAN how you'll live your one, wild and precious life 

🐸 LISTEN to your own intuition and work out what you really need

🐸 Get some much needed TIME and HEADSPACE (and CPD!)


... and much more! 










We're hopping with excitement!

If you work in a high-pressure, high-stakes role (like healthcare!) this conference is for you.

You know what it's like to handle levels of stress and burnout way beyond most people's experience. Traditional personal development or career advice doesn't work for you. (You don't have time or headspace for meandering instructions or fluffy advice on how to "find yourself")

And the work conferences you go to leave you cold. Boring, tired, and filled with colleagues as disillusioned as you are.

What if you could go to a live event designed for people in roles like yours - to inspire you, change your perspective, and help you not only decide what you want but also work out how to get there?

FrogFest is a one-day conference like no other. An invitation for professionals in high-stakes, high pressure roles - including doctors and healthcare professionals - to design a life they really love.

(We're also offering a very special opportunity for you to stay on and take part in our flagship Shapes Toolkit Training with Rachel the following day - places strictly limited!)

... and that's not all!

Why not stay for a second day of our flagship Shapes Toolkit Training?

1 day FrogFest + 1 day Shapes Toolkit training = a design for a life you'll love AND the tools you need to create it!

What is the Shapes Toolkit? 

The Shapes Toolkit is a breakthrough resilience training course for Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals.

Seven key productivity, resilience and coaching tools help you take control of your time and workload, increase your wellbeing and change your response to stressful situations. 

The Shapes Toolkit will show you how to:

✔︎ Prioritise your time and workload

✔︎ Recognise when you are heading towards burnout

✔︎ Increase your own wellbeing

✔︎ Identify and change the things that cause you stress at work

✔︎ Change your reaction to stressful events

✔︎ Have better conversations

✔︎ Take control of things that you can control

✔︎ Identify when you are stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour, taking the ‘victim’ mentality

✔︎ Take control of your own career and design a life you'll love

This one day training on 21st March will happen in small groups (max. 20 people), delivered by our expert trainers. 

If you want to feel calmer, make better decisions, beat burnout and thrive, just add the Shapes Toolkit Training when you book your ticket. 

Join us at FrogFest on 20th March 2024 if...

  • You work in a high-pressure role, and lots of self-development or career advice feels like it doesn't apply to you
  • You'd love to hear from Dr Rachel Morris and some of her best-loved podcast guests live and in-person
  • Time is precious and you want to maximise it by listening to spot-on advice.
  • You want to have a fun day with a brilliant community (and your friends or colleagues!) - whilst clocking up CPD!
  • You want to beat stress, feel inspired, and love what you do again.

What makes You Are Not a Frog so special?


"This podcast changed my life and others I work with beyond recognition"

"You Are Not a Frog has helped me to completely revamp my world view. I used its tools to assess what was in my zone of power and changed specialty after realising that I didn’t need to be so unhappy at work. I had the opportunity to meet Rachel at a conference last week and listen to her speak live. Just as empowering and uplifting. I recommend this podcast frequently to all of my medical friends, trainers and colleagues."

"So much indispensable and pragmatic advice for doctors and anyone else. Should be essential listening for anyone working in the NHS or any other stretched system"

About the podcast...

Hosted by Dr Rachel Morris, a GP turned executive coach and trainer, You Are Not A Frog is the Apple Top 100 UK Business Chart podcast that helps people under pressure beat burnout and work happier.

With close to one million downloads, our listeners learn from experts, explore cutting-edge tools and resources, and discover skills to work happier, beat burnout, and enjoy life.

Rachel started podcasting as a way to interview interesting people and pretend that she was working (Turns out she has a knack for it!)

Having worked in the NHS for two decades and been on her own career journey, she knows what it’s like to feel trapped in a job you have studied long and hard for but makes you feel stressed and unhappy.

Rachel is a firm believer that you don’t need to change careers to thrive in your 9-5 (or 8-8). It’s why she founded her training & coaching business, Wild Monday, to help professionals under pressure find freedom and possibility even on a Monday morning.

But there are simple things you can do and changes you can make that will make a huge amount of difference. Join Rachel at FrogFest, and you’ll find out what they are…

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