An online membership for busy leaders in health and social care.

Equip your leaders with the tools they need to support their teams.

Based on the Shapes Toolkit, it gives teams instant access to simple, proven tools and resources that enable them to build resilience, handle stress and conflict, set boundaries and avoid burnout.

It's designed specifically for leaders in high-pressure jobs to feel confident implementing these tools with their teams straight away. With downloadable resources, deep-dive trainings and bite-sized activities to use with teams and in 1:1 conversations.

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The Resilient Team Academy allows your teams to:

1. Prioritise more effectively

2. Manage conflict and communicate better

3. Cope with stress and change

4. Promote long term wellbeing and create sustainable working practices.

The outcome?

Reduced stress, sickness absence and conflict - and an organisation people love to work in.

We’re delighted to be able to offer a special discounted rate for Primary Care Networks and other organisations who would like to buy bulk membership for their leaders and teams.

If you want to equip your leaders to create thriving, connected and resilient practice teams across your organisation, we’d love to welcome your people to the Resilient Team Academy.

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"Thank you so much. We revisited our whole practice well-being as a team following our Shapes work and last week, I used the 5 questions you’d suggested with the GP team. 

I loved the compassionate leadership thinking behind these and how this lead onto both self compassion and consideration of others we work alongside too."


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What you get when you join

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Hear how a Consultant Anaesthetist found the Resilient Team Academy made a difference to her professional life, including the impact it's had on those around her.


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