The Shapes for COVID Webinar Series

Free Webinars for managers helping you support your team, stay well and beat stress. 

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July 2020

How to support your team through virtual working without the stress and fatigue

Here's a recording of the webinar on the 13th July with Dr Rachel Morris and Annie Hanekom

Find out:

  • Why virtual working causes us to feel tired.
  • The number one challenge your teams are facing - and what you can do about it.
  • Some quick wins and useful tools you can use with your teams to combat virtual stress and fatigue.
Download the Zone of Power resources here

Resilient Team Academy Membership Foundation Member Launch

Find out more about this brand new membership community for managers which gives you regular team building resources and teaches you how to use the Shapes Toolkit to support your teams for productivity and resilience so you can beat stress and overwhelm and get a happy thriving team. 

Find out more about the Resilient Team Academy

June 2020


How to support your team through the COVID crisis without feeling paralysed by fear and indecision

Here's a recording of the webinar on Wednesday 17th June 2020 with Dr Rachel Morris, GP, Speaker and Specialist in Resilience in the workplace and Rebecca Balzano, Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner and HR Professional

Download the In the Corner handouts and worksheets plus COVID team wellbeing toolkit here

May 2020

How to support your team through the COVID crisis (without trying to fix it for everyone)

Here's a recording of the webinar from 21st May 2020 with Dr Rachel Morris, GP and creator of the Shapes Toolkit and Henri Stevenson, Executive Coach and L&D Lead

Download the COACH model resources and worksheet plus COVID Team wellbeing Toolkit

April 2020

How to support your team through the COVID crisis without burning out yourself

Here's the webinar featuring Dr Rachel Morris and Sheela Hobden. 

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