Keep Calm During COVID-19.

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Part of our COVID-19 series; this blog series helps you navigate ways to keeping on top of your emotional, physical and professional responses.

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How do you keep calm during the COVID-19 crisis?

Whilst we’re facing a time unlike any other; testing the limits of our knowledge, our expertise, our compassion and facing a future unlike the past we've known - we truly believe the only thing you can control is your response.

Our blog posts give practical advice, tips and resources to help you navigate your way back to calm, even in the midst of this crisis.

We suggest 6 Rules for Keeping Calm during the crisis, each features below with a series of associated blog posts. You can discover more about our training programmes and additional resources here.

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Look After Your Biggest Asset

“Burnout is what happens when we avoid being human for too long”

You're no good to anyone, least of all yourself if you allow yourself to burnout.

There are many ways to look after yourself physically. Take a look at our blogs for some insight and inspiration each week into this aspect of wellbeing.

17/06/2020 Boreout syndrome. It's real, it's unhealthy and it can be overcome.

12/06/2020 Finding calm before fighting another storm.

20/05/2020 How do we compensate for the lack of human touch?

20/05/2020 Everyone is fighting a battle; here are some free tools to help.

15/05/2020 Start.Stop.Continue. An exercise to help you reflect on the lockdown experience.

10/05/2020 Put on your own oxygen mask first.

02/05/2020 Feeling the pressure of sleep?

26/04/2020 How planning 5 minute breaks can help you beat burnout. 

18/04/2020 Let out some laughter

09/04/2020 Is bringing food one of the basic roots of all relationships? 

04/04/2020 Struggling with sleep during COVID?



Proactively Manage Your Anxiety.

“Gratitude is an amazing antidote to anxiety”

Anxiety can sneak up on us, and it's not always practical or possible to take a deep time out.

Having a toolkit of long and short form practices to help you manage anxiety is essential. 

Each week we add a new blog with a different strategy or perspective to help you manage.

05/06/2020 Manage the challenge of family conflict when working from home.

28/05/2020 The use of fear for good, and when it goes bad.

20/05/2020 How to stop time feeling like an energy thief.

15/05/2020 Re-entry to work; the opportunity for positive change.

10/05/2020 What to do when you don't know the answers.

02/05/2020 Plan your anxiety for better sleep.

26/04/2020 How to stop social media and news consumption adding to your anxiety.

18/04/202 Manage your anxiety, make your bed.

09/04/2020 Manage your anxiety in 5-4-3-2-1.

04/04/2020 - Proactively manage your anxiety with this breathing exercise.

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Isolate, but don't be isolated.

“We need spacial distancing, not social distancing”

Whoever coined the term social distancing got it pretty wrong. We don’t need social distancing, we need spacial or physical distancing.

There's more to connecting than simply video calling, as our blogs explain.

17/06/2020 How to rediscover your motivation when you're working from home.

05/06/2020 How to make sure your team feel like 'we're all in this together'.

28/05/2020 When the words around us affect the way we feel.

20/05/2020 What six shipwrecked teenagers can teach us about surviving harmoniously in a crisis.

15/05/2020 How to make your next Zoom a team lunch and learn.

10/05/2020 How to make plans when the future is uncertain.

02/05/2020 Silent online retreats to beat the fatigue.

26/04/2020 Connecting with your team during isolation.

18/04/2020 Use Emotional Intelligence to Better Isolate.

09/04/2020 Beat the isolation blues with bears.

04/04/2020 Isolate, but don't be isolated

Keep Calm but Don't Carry On.

“Commit to your decisions but stay flexible in your approach”

These are crazy times and we ALL need to do things differently. You will need to make changes; you will need to be flexible.

Above all, you will need to stop quite a few things. This is OK. 

We have suggestions and guidance here to help.

20/05/2020 Change your perspective to better understand others and yourself.

15/05/2020  How to explain why you don't feel safe.

10/05/2020 Know your zone of power to keep calm.

02/05/2020 Can't sleep, won't sleep, DON'T sleep.

26/04/2020 How do you stop burnout if you work from home?

18/04/2020 Is distraction a problem for you?

09/04/2020 Keep calm and don't worry about the to-do list.

04/04/2020 Keep calm and go off piste

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Be Kind to Yourself and Others. 

“Be kind wherever possible. It is always possible”

We are all operating with a low (or high!) level of anxiety and stress. This means our thinking can be clouded, we might be forgetting things and on a very short fuse.

If you find yourself reacting in ways that surprise you THIS IS OK. IT IS NORMAL.

Forgive yourself and discover some inspiring ways to practise kindness all round here.

12/06/2020 Why the compassionate side of leadership is so important right now.

20/05/2020  How to find joy.

15/05/2020 The one super skill working from home has given us.

10/05/2020 How to look out for your team when tensions are high?

02/05/2020 Feeling like a lockdown loser?

26/04/2020 What is 'perfect' anyway?

18/04/2020 It's ok to say no

09/04/2020 Self compassion is a necessity.

04/04/2020 Be kind to each other.

Keep Looking Up.

“The personal life, deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself”

In times like these it may feel like everything has been stripped away.

Now is the time to focus on what makes life worth living.

Now is the time to connect with something greater than yourself and outside yourself

Now is the time to connect with your purpose and your place in this world.

We share some stories and means of discovery in these blogs.

28/05/2020 The power of words when writing about fear; success from adversity.

20/05/2020 The kindness of strangers

15/05/2020 Stay alert for the extraordinary.

10/05/2020 How the F**k it mentality can fix things.

02/05/2020 The importance of a sense of purpose.

26/04/2020 Something to celebrate this Earth Day

18/04/2020 Simple route for mind and body strength.

09/04/2020 How the moon had us enraptured

04/04/2020 Unite in song.

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