Finding calm before fighting another storm.

We’ve talked about ‘Zoom’ fatigue, home working fatigue and frontline fatigue a lot over the past few months.

A dip into some research of the ‘re-opening phase’ as some are calling this stage, shows that some major UK corporations will only be able to have up to 50% of their workforce within their offices by Christmas. This way of working looks set to stay for quite some time.

Finding ways to help you work with this ongoing situation and keep your calm is vital to successful leadership and good mental health.

There’s one really simple technique that’s worked well in a number of situations for many people. One colleague uses this before public speaking when stepping onto a stage, when the amygdala takes over and the adrenaline kicks in.  

When this happens, your speech speeds up, your thinking isn’t focused in the right way and you might find it harder to make rational arguments.

By taking a mindful minute before that moment can bring a sense of calm. Emptying your mind of everything, focusing on your breathing and letting go of any outside concerns means that you arrive at the event (whether that’s a public stage, a Zoom call or a board meeting) clear, calm and focussed. By projecting this energy to the people you am communicating with, you receive that same energy back.

Before you next have (yet another) Zoom call or other moment of stress, why not try a mindful minute

You can also go more in depth on leading without fear, stress and indecision at this month’s Shapes for Manager’s webinar when we talk about what to do when we get hijacked by our amygdala. Follow this link to save your space!


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