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The Beat Stress & Thrive Course

Beat burnout and find balance - even in a high-stakes role with limited time and resources.

Learn neuroscience-based, proven techniques to help you manage your work, stay calm in high pressure environments, and enjoy life.


A self-paced online course for healthcare professionals from the host of the 'You Are Not A Frog' Podcast.

6+ hours of bite-sized lessons, plus tools and activities to apply as you go.

So you can transform your work-life balance, handle stress better, feel rested and prevent burnout.



“A weight lifted off my shoulders"

Discover the training, tools and resources for you to beat stress and thrive.

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Is Beat Stress & Thrive right for you?

The course is based on our flagship Shapes Toolkit Programme - watch Dr Rachel Morris, creator of Beat Stress & Thrive, former GP and host of the You Are Not A Frog podcast explain who it's designed for.

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FAQ’s - your questions answered

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" far the best online course I have ever done"

“I will be telling my appraiser that completing this course during the pandemic is one of the things I’m most proud of this year! This is by far the best online course I have ever done. Thank you so much for designing such a holistic, empowering course”

 Portfolio GP

Get the tools to transform the way you approach work (and life!)

Take control of your wellbeing
Look after ‘you’ to improve performance

Take control of your time
Learn to prioritise and eliminate – rather than fit more into your day

Take control of your stress
Reduce pressure by changing your response to stressful events

Take control of your work and life
Make a deliberate choice about how you want to live

Take action with the Shapes Toolkit
Employ simple and effective techniques to get you unstuck

Access to our

Find support and advice from like-minded colleagues.


About us

This online course was designed by Dr Rachel Morris, founder of Wild Monday and a former GP with a background in Medical Education - who created Beat Stress and Thrive to support colleagues who want to beat burnout and work happier.

She created The Shapes Toolkit Programme, a series of coaching and productivity tools which has helped hundreds of doctors, managers and other professionals in high stakes jobs take back control of their time and thrive. The Beat Stress and Thrive course is based on the Shapes Toolkit, and helps doctors and other healthcare professionals who are feeling mentally and physically exhausted by the demands of the job, patient expectations and a lack of resources and manpower. Rachel is a sought after keynote speaker, coach and trainer and hosts the popular Apple UK Business Top 100 Podcast ‘You Are Not A Frog’. She regularly lectures around the country on leadership, resilience, combatting stress and thriving at work.


You shouldn't have to feel drained, exhausted and ‘like a husk of a person’ by the end of the day.


The Beat Stress and Thrive Course is based on our breakthrough Shapes Toolkit resilience programme.

Developed alongside frontline doctors and healthcare teams, it's designed to give you evidence-based strategies to help you take back control of your work, using simple, effective tools you can apply straight away.

  • 6 Modules, each broken into bitesized video lesson of between 2 and 15 minutes.
  • Each lesson is accompanied by simple activities to help you quickly apply what you've learned to your own life.
  • At the end of each module you'll complete a short checklist of Milestone Activities to ensure you've understood the concepts and are ready to start implementing them in your day-to-day. 


What's Included?


Module One - Face Reality

Get clear on where you are now. You'll discover the REAL causes of the stress you're under (they might surprise you!) and identify what needs to change over the coming weeks.

Module Two - Take Control

Next, you'll get clear on your choices. What can you control, and how can you find the courage to make the shifts you need to? What stops you from making different choices, and how can you overcome those blocks?

Module Three - Get Some Time

In this module, you'll unlock practical tools to help you tackle your to-do list and manage your workload. Find out how to get out of the urgency trap, make time for deep thinking, and learn simple productivity hacks to create more time in your week.

Module Four - Embrace Your Limits

Embrace your human limits and improve the wellbieng factors which protect you from exhaustion. Audit your own wellbeing and set self care goals and resilient routines which actually work. 

Module Five - Respond Better

In high-stress, high-pressure environments, knowing how to better respond to crises and unexpected setbacks is the difference between putting the tools into practice and slipping back into old habits. Find out how to set boundaries and handle pushback from others (and your own guilt!) when you do.

Module Six - Design A Work Life You'll Love

In this final module, you'll learn how to get out of the victim role where you feel helpless or rescuer role where you feel responsible for everything. You'll use the tools and strategies you've learned to plan how to integrate a different way of working over the long term - and change the way you approach conversations with your team, your life and career.


When you've designed a working life that gives you the time you need to take care of yourself - how do you make sure your core needs are met, and keep an eye on warning signs your wellbeing is slipping? In this e-book, Rachel explains the simple "dashboard" you can use to track key wellbeing markers, and take the action you need to stay on track. 

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"Loved all the neuroscience and evidence"

“I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course and I am now applying my learning to work and home. As I’m a deep learner, I loved all the neuroscience and evidence behind each module.”

- GP

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