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The 60 minute reset for
busy healthcare professionals

Get Your
Life Back

Wake up excited to go to work.
With enough time and headspace to get the important stuff done AND enjoy your life. 


The 60 minute reset for
busy healthcare professionals

Get Your
Life Back

Wake up excited to go to work.
With enough time and headspace to get the important stuff done AND enjoy your life. 


You're fed up of waking up every day with a knot in your stomach.

And a growing sense of dread that something you haven't had time to deal with yet is going to come back to bite you.

You've tried hundreds of productivity and time management techniques which over-promise and under-deliver.

It's time to try something different.

If you're in a busy, stressful role in healthcare - and you care about doing a good job, and not letting down your colleagues or patients - all the productivity, resilience and wellbeing tools in the world won't work.

You'll end up trying to cram even more into your already packed day. Next stop - burnout!

This short course, created by Dr Rachel Morris, host of the Apple UK Top 100 Business Podcast 'You Are Not A Frog' will teach you how to think differently.

So you can: 

⏰ LET GO of the guilt of 'letting others down'.

⏰ UNDERSTAND how to say no and set limits around your work.

⏰ FEEL CONFIDENT to choose a working life you'll love.

Break the cycle of stress and exhaustion.

This 60-minute reset is designed for doctors and other busy healthcare professionals who want to focus on what's truly important, set limits around their work and say no, without their boundaries crumbling in the face of the inevitable pushback. 

Take 10 minutes to work through a lesson a day for a week. Block out an hour and work through the whole course in one go. Or listen to the course as a podcast - on your way to work, while you’re cooking, in the gym, or on a dog walk.


In this 60 minute
online course, you'll learn how to

Reclaim your time
Feel confident making different choices so you can set boundaries with confidence.

Recharge your mind
Break the cycle of exhaustion so you can relax in your time off without constantly thinking about work.

Restore calm
Get some time and headspace by doing less not more, so you have space to think more clearly and try new approaches.


This course is for you if... 

You keep saying things need to change at work - in fact, you know you might be heading for burnout if things don't - but nothing ever seems to actually stick.

Setting boundaries around your work just leaves you feeling panicked and guilty – like you’re letting everyone down. 

Your work is so stressful it’s having an impact on everything else you do – you want to take action before things reach crisis level. 

Advice about “wellbeing” and “resilience” often feels patronising, or just doesn’t work. 



It's Time To "Get Your Life Back!"

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The 'Get Your Life Back' e-course  includes

  •  Instant access to the entire course
  •  6 x short video lessons
  •  Audio versions to listen to, podcast-style
  •  Accompanying workbook


About us

This online course was designed by Dr Rachel Morris, a former GP with a background in Medical Education and host of the You Are Not a Frog podcast - to support colleagues who were mentally and physically exhausted and on the brink of burnout.

It is based on her popular keynote talk and workshop on 'How to take control of your time and workload, set boundaries, say no and deal with pushback' which she developed following a series of podcasts on burnout, guilt and shame.

She realised that until we address the toxic success stories which have been deeply ingrained in us since childhood, we'll never escape the unhelpful mindsets which hold us back. She developed 'Get Your Life Back' to support healthcare professionals to set limits and stand by their boundaries – without the guilt of never doing enough.

Get Your Life back draws on the Shapes Toolkit resilience, coaching and productivity tools, used by doctors and other busy healthcare professionals around the country to beat burnout and work happier.

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