The Beat Stress and Thrive Course

The online course for healthcare professionals under pressure

Hello! I'm Dr Rachel Morris

Ready to beat stress and thrive and start really living your best life? Then you're in the right place. Let me tell you about the new Beat Stress and Thrive e-learning course for healthcare professionals

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"Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one, wild and precious life?"

Mary Oliver

Life is short. We spend much of it at work. You don’t need to move to a wild and exotic location and do wild and unusual things to live a wild and precious life. You can thrive where you are right now, in the 9-5 (or 8-8!) you already inhabit.

But the demands of the job, patient expectations and a lack of resources and manpower can leave us working harder and harder just to stand still.

We believe that it SHOULD be possible to work as a healthcare professional in a busy job AND thrive in work and life. Healthcare workers shouldn't sacrifice their health and wellbeing for their work and they shouldn't have to choose between getting out or burning out. 

Join our new online course to feel calmer, make better decisions and take control of your work 

Our online course will help you go from overwhelmed and exhausted to calm, effective and thriving.

The online course consists of 4 modules and will take you no more than 6 hours. We'll teach you the tools you need to take control of your work, increase your wellbeing and reduce your stress.

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What is the Beat Stress and Thrive Course?

The Beat Stress and Thrive Course is a breakthrough resilience e-learning course for healthcare professionals based on the Shapes Toolkit Programme. Here's Dr Rachel Morris, GP, Executive Coach and creator of the Shapes Toolkit to tell you more. 



Find out how the course can transform the way you approach work and life. Here's Jane's story - a Portfolio GP, Trainer and Appraiser who did the course in 2019. 


'Beat Stress and Thrive' is the brainchild of Dr Rachel Morris, an experienced GP with a background in Medical Education - she knows what it's like to feel exhausted and on the edge of burnout.

A thought leader on resilience in the workplace, and an executive coach she is part of the Faculty for the University of Cambridge and regularly lectures around the country on leadership, resilience, workplace stress and thriving at work. 

The 'Beat Stress and Thrive' course is based on the Shapes Toolkit created by Rachel. The toolkit is a series of coaching and productivity tools which has helped doctors, managers and other professionals in high stress jobs all over the country take back control of their work, their time and their stress and thrive in work and life. 

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Join the Beat Stress and Thrive Course

The complete online course for healthcare professionals under pressure

The 'Beat Stress and Thrive course will give you the tools and support you need to go from overwhelmed and exhausted to thriving and successful in work and life. 

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Senior GP Partner, North London

'This course should be compulsory both when you qualify and every five years after that'