Can't sleep, won't sleep, don't sleep.

Can’t sleep, won’t sleep! So don’t.

When sleep is evading you it’s easy to get frustrated. The more you persist in pursuing it, the more aware you are of it’s refusal.

Distraction is often a great solution and one that is kinder to your mind. Grabbing a quick round of drum practice is probably not an advocated distraction device, but here are some great solutions you can turn too that might trick your mind into soothing to sleep:

1. Reading - tired eyes can often lead to rest. This list of uplifting novels offers an interesting range. Or you can explore the science of sleep with a choice of titles from here.

2. Writing - we regularly extol the virtues of journaling. Quite often jotting down the joys from your day can feel like a cadence to your waking self into sleep. If that’s not your cup of decaff, why not write an old fashioned letter to someone. And quite, honestly, who still doesn’t thrill in receiving a hand written note?

3. Podcasts - if you’d rather remain ‘eyes closed’, podcasts and audiobooks are terrific solution. There are even some terrific ‘sleep stories for adults’ on apps such as Calm. Soundscapes such as beaches, falling rain and even white noise have been the saviour for some sleep deprived souls.

4. Sudoku and puzzles - if your brain just feel too frantic, thrashing out a crossword, sudoku or other mental puzzle can help focus you away from the worries preventing sleep and feel like you’ve exercised your mind enough to drift off.


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