Everyone is fighting a battle; here are some free tools to help.

As people are making plans for how our professional lives will look going forward, we have been fielding a huge number of enquiries about how you can help your teams - and yourself, in this next phase of management through the COVID crisis.

We’ve been delivering webinars for various organisations on ‘How to stay mentally fit through the COVID crisis’ and also ‘How to manage your stress and anxiety through the COVID crisis’ which have helped managers and their teams to address simple changes they can make to stay mentally healthy at the moment.

We’ve also  been working on a variety of free tools and resources you can access for guidance and reassurance. This includes our free webinar series for managers “how to support your team through the COVID crisis".

Workplace resilience now requires a new perspective, both for how you manage and communicate with your teams, but also, how you manage your own stress and limitations in this new era.

Our second biggest battle, the first being staying physically safe, is managing our response to the changes in our working life and how this is also affecting our teams. 

The well-known phrase; Be kind, for everyone you know is fighting a battle, has never been more applicable.

We do not know what fears and anxieties lie behind each colleague’s behaviour and interactions. Be kind in your response.

You often overlook, or fail to recognise what fears and anxieties lie behind your behaviours and interactions. Be kind to yourself.

But kindness and compassion alone, won’t get us through.

From our ShapesToolkit, we have created Shapes COVID wellbeing resources including our recent webinars, worksheets, downloads  and training videos specifically designed around our response to COVID-19.

We know that re-entry isn’t going to be easy, but we’d like to help make it less difficult for you and your teams.

You can access the Shapes COVID wellbeing resources here and find out more about virtual training and coaching opportunities too.


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