How to find joy

The term ‘infinite present' is actually pretty bleak and could signal despair for some people who have struggled with the situation more than others so far.

In essence, infinite present means we still don’t know when this will end, when (and indeed, if) things will return to normal. All we have is what is here and now. 

Making future plans often creates excitement and motivation in some people, so it’s not surprising if you or someone you know is feeling more flat than usual. For those stuck at home, you can add in the lack of stimulation and repetition each day compounding that growing sense of futility.

Anticipating joy is one way of helping shift your brain into a more positive frame. We have talked previously about gratitude forecasting.

How about creating a list of the small but abundantly joyful things you would like to do when this starts to ease? Share this with friends, enjoy their list - talk about the times you’ve experienced these things together. Even if it’s something as small as going for a coffee, the memory of laughing at your misspelled name on a takeaway coffee cup can bring the occasion to life for you and them.

There are also some great examples in this week’s YANAF podcast on The Power of the Positive that can help you too.


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