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Our team of hugely experienced trainers focus on helping you make work a good place to be, as well helping you to live well and respond to day to day challenges in a more resilient manner. The teaching is grounded in real life experiences, providing practical, easy to understand and apply coaching techiniques.  Every element of our programme is based on on the most reliable and complete academic evidence about what creates resilience in today’s workplaces.



Dr. Rachel Morris

 The Shapes Toolkit was created by Dr Rachel Morris, a GP who grew so tired, after 15 years of seeing patients who were ill because of workplace stress, that she decided to do something about it.

Rachel taught General Practice at the University of Cambridge for several years before setting up and leading the ‘Doctor as Professional’ course. This got her interested in the leadership behaviour of professionals in high stress jobs and so she trained as an Executive and Team coach. Rachel founded Wild Monday and developed the Shapes Toolkit. She regularly lectures and delivers training around the country on wellbeing at work, resilience and productivity and is also a presenter for the Red Whale Lead. Manage. Thrive! Course for GPs. She is also on faculty for the PGCert in Medical Education at the University of Cambridge. 

Rachel founded Wild Monday and works with a team of experienced associates to deliver authentic and relevant coaching and training focussing on changing behaviour. Unlike other companies who overwhelm with theory and concentrate on just one aspect of resilience alone, you will find this training focuses on helping you to make work a good place to be, as well as helping you to live well and respond to things in a resilient manner.

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Corrina Gordon-Barnes

Corrina is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), trained with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

With 15 years of experience as a coach, she has high impact both one-to-one and with groups and has served individual clients, corporations, schools and charities both in the UK and internationally. Her specialism is friction-free relationships – enabling people to get on better and function most effectively with those they live and work with. She is an experienced facilitator of The Work – a powerful method of inquiry-based stress reduction.

Corrina is also a qualified teacher and trained at Cambridge University.

Henri Stevenson 

Henri Stevenson is a leadership development specialist, executive coach and employee engagement professional with over 20 years’ experience. She works with individuals and organisations to develop leadership capability, increase employee engagement and affect cultural change.

Henri works for the global education business City & Guilds and has led numerous leadership development, engagement and culture change programmes to support organisational change. Recently these have included a peer coaching programme to support organisational change and a resilience and well-being programme to increase personal impact and reduce stress.
Outside City & Guilds, Henri works as a coach and leadership development consultant. Her clients range from individuals working through changes in their lives, be it those at a career crossroads, developing in a new leadership role, setting up a new business or just wanting to increase their personal impact, confidence and performance.

As well as being a trained coach, Henri holds a Post Graduate Degree in Internal Communication Management. She is passionate about getting the best from people, making the most of life and supporting people and organisations to grow.

Sheela Hobden

Sheela is passionate about “mind medicine” – her version of preventative mental health. She uses coaching and facilitation to enable individuals and groups to find their own techniques to manage work and life, in turn fully realising their potential.  She is a Wraw practitioner (Workplace resilience and wellbeing) and helps people gain clarity and focus on life dilemmas.

After nearly 10 years of asking “is this it?” about her life, she experienced burn-out quickly followed by a bout of depression.  Once on the mend, she had career coaching which sparked her passion for coaching. She studied with Barefoot Coaching, additionally achieving a PGCERT in Business and Personal Coaching from the University of Chester. Next she gained Associate Certified Coach status with the International Coach Federation. She also holds Associate membership with the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development).

She has passion and experience in health and wellness, particularly in the medical field. She works with organisations and individuals, focussing on doctors and healthcare professionals. The coaching programmes help clients learn to care for themselves as much as for their patients so they can enjoy the fun stuff in life!

Sheela has completed ultra-distance running events, a full ironman and is a keen year round sea swimmer, so you could say she likes a challenge!

Rebecca Balzano

The driving force behind Rebecca’s practice in personal and professional development is the integration of these two often separated worlds of ‘life’ and ‘work’. Having coached a broad spectrum of people from entrepreneurs and consultants to artists and food writers, Rebecca encourages her clients to adopt a holistic approach to fulfilment by uncovering life values and personifying these into their profession.

Rebecca’s practice is underpinned by years of experience in People Development roles, from the University of Cambridge to biotech startups and running her own business and team of 15. This background in leaderships people management is bolstered by extensive CPD and self study of emotional intelligence, behaviour addiction recovery, NLP, relationships (both work and personal relationships) and Neuroscience. With an ICF regulated qualification in Personal Performance Development, Level 5 Leadership and Management, Level 3 Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, Masters NLP, and forthcoming Level 5 SFEDI Diploma and many hours CPD in coaching she has the qualifications to support the practical experience in Coaching and People Development.

Last year Rebecca summited mount Kilimanjaro, this year she too part in a 15km open water swim in Scilly to raise over £2000 for Bowel Cancer UK and next year she has set the bar even higher with Everest Base Camp aspirations. Raising a family and her love of travel and adventure have been key to growing awareness and interest in health, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and contribution practices.

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