Resilience training for healthcare professionals

Feel calmer. Make better decisions. Thrive in work & life.

Are you a doctor or other busy healthcare professional doing your best to thrive whilst working on the frontline through difficult and changing times?

Or perhaps you work for a GP Training Hub, an STP, CCG or a PCN, or other healthcare organisation and want to help your people feel better, become more resilient and more productive?

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Currently life is not what we expected it to be.

And that is OK.  

If you feel on the edge of burnout, or simply want to stay resilient, become more focussed and productive and regain control over your working life, then we'd love to help you navigate it all by supporting you in every way we can.

That's why we've designed a series of webinars, podcasts, coaching & training and other resources specifically for busy healthcare professionals working through the COVID crisis and beyond, and put it all online so that you can access it wherever and whenever you choose. 

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Our resilience training is designed specifically for healthcare, and has been created by a GP who knows firsthand what its really like to work in a high-stress environment like the NHS

We know what it's like to feel overwhelmed and on the edge of stress and burnout, which is why it is our mission to provide you with the tools & support you need to go from overwhelmed and exhausted to thriving & successful.

Imagine a working day where you feel able to deal with the pressure, are able to make better decisions, feel calm and like you have regained control over your working life.

Resilience training for healthcare professionals

Feel calmer. Make better decisions. Thrive in work & life.

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Who Do We Help?


Are you a doctor or other healthcare professional in a high stress, high stakes job, looking for individual coaching support and an online course? Or maybe you're looking for help in supporting your teams for resilience, or virtual group training for your staff?


Or are you from a GP training hub, a CCG, PCN or GP federation, or local workforce development team looking to commission some online resilience training for your staff? Or perhaps you run a GP training scheme or are a team leader in secondary care wanting to access bespoke support, webinars or online group training for your teams?

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Hi there!

I'm Dr. Rachel Morris

A GP with a background in Medical Education, and an Executive and Team Coach. I know what it's like to work in the high stress environment of the NHS. I designed the courses & resources especially for healthcare professionals on the frontline.

A thought leader on resilience in the workplace, I host the popular podcast You Are Not A Frog for doctors and other professionals in high stress jobs. I am a part of the Faculty for the University of Cambridge Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education and I regularly lecture around the country on leadership, resilience, workplace stress and thriving at work

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What We Offer

Our interactive resilience training is situated in real life using our own experience, and our programmes are designed and delivered by doctors and coaches who know the unique pressures of working in the NHS.

Our training is practical and rooted in science. We promise there will be no chanting, and no group hugs - just engaging and relevant content. 


The Programmes

The Shapes Toolkit®

The Shapes Toolkit® programme is a breakthrough resilience training course teaching you how to use a series of coaching and productivity tools to help you & your team become more resourceful and resilient in the workplace. It can be delivered face to face as a day long training course or as a mastermind group programme online.


Keynote talks and webinars

Dr Rachel Morris presents a diverse range of engaging, relevant & interactive webinars training sessions and keynote talks for healthcare professionals around different aspects of happiness at work, managing stress, dealing with conflict, and thriving at work.



We offer 1:1 individual ‘Power hour’ 60- or 30-minute sessions, as well as 2-hour Executive Coaching sessions for those working in health care to help them to beat stress, make better decisions, remain calm, focus & increase their well being & resilience.


Beat Stress & Thrive online Training Course

The complete e-learning course for individual doctors and other healthcare professionals under pressure.  The Beat Stress and Thrive course includes 4 online modules, giving you the tools & support you need to go from overwhelmed and exhausted to thriving & successful.


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Perhaps you'd like our FREE Shapes worksheets and Team Wellbeing Toolkit

You can use the stress curve and prioritisation grid worksheets to have better conversations and help your teams to get control of their work. You'll also receive our bonus COVID wellness toolkit.

Yes please!

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