Shapes Toolkit® Programme for healthcare

A resilience training course for healthcare professionals who want to feel calmer, make better decisions and thrive in work and life.







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The Shapes Toolkit for Healthcare has been specially created for doctors and other busy healthcare professionals who are under immense pressure in their work, and is fully focussed on helping you survive and thrive, whether on the frontline or working virtually. It was created by Dr Rachel Morris, a GP who knows what it's like to work in the high stress environment of the NHS and feel overwhelmed with work.

This day long interactive training programme can now be delivered online as two half days or four 2-hour modules. It teaches you to use the Shapes coaching, productivity and resilience tools so that you can take control of your workload, feel calmer and be successful in work and life. 

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The Shapes Toolkit will help you to:

  • Prioritise your time and workload
  • Recognise when you are heading towards burnout
  • Increase your own wellbeing
  • Identify and change the things that cause you stress at work
  • Change your reaction to stressful events
  • Have better conversations with your team
  • Take control of things that you can control
  • Identify when you are stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour, taking the ‘victim’ mentality
  • Take control of your own career development
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'This course should be compulsory both when you qualify and every five years after that'

Senior GP Partner, North London

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