Shapes Toolkit® Programme for Healthcare

A resilience training course for healthcare professionals under pressure who want to beat stress and burnout, feel calmer, and thrive through the new ways of working. 

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Every day, healthcare professionals face high-pressured situations and challenges in their work, such as:


  • Trying to cope with increasing patient demand and diminishing resources
  • Being overloaded with work, and finding that the important stuff is crowded out by the ‘urgent’
  • Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted 
  • Not having time to focus on their own wellbeing
  • Responding to difficult events in ways that cause them to feel stressed and anxious
  • Difficulty maintaining a good work-life balance

The Shapes Toolkit Programme is especially for doctors and other busy healthcare professionals who are under immense pressure in their work, and is fully focussed on helping you survive and thrive, whether on the frontline or working virtually.

We believe that healthcare professionals shouldn't have to choose between thriving at work and thriving in life and we know what it's like to feel overwhelmed and on the edge of burnout.

It was created by Dr Rachel Morris, a GP turned Executive and Team Coach who knows what it's like to work in the high stress environment of the NHS and feel overwhelmed with work.

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Who is it for?

GPs, hospital doctors and other healthcare professionals who need to develop their own personal sustainability and resilience and increase their impact and influence, particularly:

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+ Doctors returning to practice including those returning from parental leave, long term sickness, or returning to practice after a career break

+ Nurses, Physios, Physician's Associates, Pharmacists and Paramedics, Practice Managers, Senior Admin staff, and other allied health professionals who may have significant levels of responsibility

+ First5 GPs and GP Fellows Schemes

+ GPs who are struggling with their personal resilience and are at risk of leaving General Practice

+ Healthcare professionals who find themselves having to step up into a new leadership role or take on additional responsibility

+ Doctors who are experiencing symptoms of stress and / or have been unwell with stress in the past

+ Healthcare professionals who want to stay resilient through the new ways of working

+ Mid-career doctors who want to thrive in their work and enjoy what they do again

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Every GP should do this course, when they qualify and then every 5 years.


It Is Possible To Feel Calmer, Make Better Decisions and Thrive In Your Work & Life!

The Shapes Toolkit will show you how to:

✔︎ Prioritise your time and workload

✔︎ Recognise when you are heading towards burnout

✔︎ Increase your own wellbeing

✔︎ Identify and change the things that cause you stress at work

✔︎ Change your reaction to stressful events

✔︎ Have better conversations 

✔︎ Take control of things that you can control

✔︎ Identify when you are stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour, taking the ‘victim’ mentality

✔︎ Take control of your own career and design a life you'll love

What is the Shapes Toolkit?

The Shapes Toolkit is a breakthrough resilience training course for Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals in which we use seven different key productivity, resilience and coaching tools to help them take control of their time and workload, increase their wellbeing and change their response to stressful situations. 
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