Feeling the pressure of sleep?

There are some really interesting articles out there on why our sleep is so greatly affected by the lockdown. With some of us sleeping more than ever, others are struggling to sleep at all and almost all of us are reporting some downright bizarre occurrences in our dreams.

Our background anxiety is heightened thanks to the COVID crisis and this offers some insight into the state of our dream scenarios. 

There are many factors around the lockdown that are impacting on sleep and a lot centres on routine and structure.   

We normally take 3 months to adjust to new routines of magnitude so it’s not surprising that our routines are still in a state of limbo, 

Understanding your own natural rhythm can be helpful. Are you a night owl or an early bird? Honour your body’s natural inclinations where you can. 

There is so much to explore on sleep and my recent article on the importance of sleep is a great place to start. 

Simple reminders when it comes to good sleep are:

  • Get out for some natural daylight as soon as you can in your waking day. 
  • Eat for energy and good nutritional balance. 
  • Create a moment or activity that separates your work day from your home evening. 
  • Ease up on blue light emitting devices towards your bedtime.
  • Find a way to ‘park’ your worries before bed. 

This article explores a few of these in a little more detail.

Lastly, there really is nothing better than getting into a freshly made bed. Freshly laundered sheets are hugely comforting. If you want to honour your sleeping space, maybe start with giving it a freshen up before you head to bed tonight?


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