Plan your anxiety for better sleep

Managing your sleep can start to become a cycle of anxiety in itself. If you haven’t slept well you can feel anxious about how this will impact on your busy day ahead. Will you have enough energy for that important video conference? Will you make silly mistakes? Will you lose patience too quickly with your children, partner or a delivery driver’s failed attempt ( I was most definitely in, you just did not wait for me to answer - sound familiar?)?

The cycle can start up again at night. “I hope I sleep better tonight, what if I don’t, will this go on forever, I hate insomnia!” 

Conversely, if you find yourself sleeping too much, getting started in the day can seem like an enormous challenge which can set your attitude for the day with a sense of burden.

You can’t force your body and brain into better sleep. But you can plan for better sleep.

Our Thrive Planner is a great tool to help you map out your new daily and weekly commitments, requirements and challenges. By planning your domestic and family life as well as your work life, you can help commit to where you will apply your energy and ensure your accountability in all areas without a sense of guilt.

Using the planner, you can also factor in ‘empty time’ or ‘worry time’. Some people find it useful to create a space each day where they observe their concerns - a place to ‘park them.

When you find yourself escalating into anxious thinking, particularly at night time, being able to notice “I’m giving anxious thinking time here, I’ll park this thought for my worry time tomorrow” is important. Some people keep a pencil and notepad next to the bed to jot down their anxious night time thoughts to worry about it the morning.


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