How planning 5 minute breaks can help you beat burnout

Beating Burnout sounds like a game. And maybe adopting a sense of play isn't a bad strategy to adopt.

The book Play Anything by Ian Bogost, teaches us a lot about overcoming our daily anxieties and turning everyday mundanity into a world of playful possibilities. 

The problem at the moment, is finding the time to try something like reading can seem challenging. 

Yet another task that we 'should' be doing, but when? It seems that in this uncertain time, many of us are busier than ever - whether we're working on the frontline or contained within our homes. 

Too much or too little rigour in our schedules can easily lead to a feeling of burnout. Which is why it's so important to plan in 5 minute breaks for yourself. 

If you're next question is, 'yes, but what do I do in those 5 minutes to feel satisfied that I've had a mental break?'; then we have a series of suggestions at our Plan Your 5 Minute Break page.

Planning your breaks and sticking to them is something you can practise in a way that suits you best. But if you're looking for something to make a new habit stick, we'd highly recommend taking a listen to episode 2 of the You Are Not A Frog podcast

In this episode, Tiny Habits coach Dr Katherine Hickman discusses some great ways to develop and maintain new habits.

Whatever you choose to do and how regularly you do it, planning in 5 minute breaks can really help to relieve the mental strain of any stressful period in your life. We'd love to know how you get on with planning in 5 minute breaks.


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