How to stop time feeling like an energy thief.

With the lack of end-game to our current circumstance, people are tiring and finding even everyday tasks a struggle. 

If we can’t be upbeat (and let’s be honest, even outside of COVID that’s a hard mood to muster on a Monday morning!), how can we at least stay focused and motivated through the next day, week, month?

Unbidden thoughts can rob you of your focus and, if allowed to fester, can bring your mood down and heighten your anxiety.

Thought: I want to see my’s been 8 weeks....I need some comfort from her and to offer her comfort...will I ever get to do that again in person?

Suddenly, the ability to pull that slide deck together or give your attention to a Zoom call has vanished.

A recent article on the learnings a son took from his Navy SEAL Dad shared some great insights on how the strict training programme they receive offers some useful tools we can apply now.

The Four Habits he shares are (in essence): Get a good sleep routine and wake early. Stay active. The importance of detail. Work ethic.

It’s the example of work ethic where we can learn a valuable lesson in coping with the stretching of time we’re experiencing.

Hellweek for training SEALs is about as fun as it sounds. A 7 day stretch of non-stop exercise without sleep. The difference this SEAL noticed between those who succeeded Hellweek, and those who did not complete was where they applied their focus and how they spoke to themselves.

By focusing on the activity or exercise they were currently engaged with, rather than thinking ahead to how much more was still to do was the discerning quality between success and failure.

Those who thought, “It’s only Tuesday, how am I going to get through this?” simply didn’t, it seemed too never ending.

Those who focused only on the cold sea swim or trail run or round of push-ups they were currently tasked with, were simply only looking to complete the next task.

Days can seem slow at the minute, so if taking things one day at a time can seem too much - take it morning to afternoon, hour to hour or even cup of tea by cup of tea. How you break down time to reduce the endless stretch and make it more manageable is absolutely at your discretion.

You can use our 5 minute break planner as a way to guide your day, adapt it as you find suits you best.


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