Re-entry to work; the opportunity for positive change.

The joy some of us have experienced being away from our usual work environments has brought into sharp focus how well we can do our jobs when environmental stressors are removed.

For those of us who have not been able to go to work, the thought of returning to our places of work may be causing anxiety. 

We know our work environments will have to adapt to allow for social distancing, but we are unclear on how this will impact the way we work. 

Companies will be more aware than ever that our lives no longer run on typically similar schedules. Staggering start and end times will undoubtedly become commonplace to account for social distancing on transport networks and staggered school programmes for working parents.

Long before Lockdown, it was evident that the traditional work models were outdated and causing high amounts of stress and burn out. This article explores in more depth, the fallacy of the ‘ideal worker’ and how the lockdown offers a real opportunity for fundamental change in the workplace.

Could this re-entry be the chance to redress some of the previous imbalances we’d seen in working life and create a better model for the future? Putting that notion of an “ideal worker” out to pasture would be a great leveller for all of us, regardless of age, gender or parenting status. 

Whatever the mid-term future holds, managing your ability to cope with this next phase is hugely important. Our Vortex of Busyness Shape is a great resource to help you understand how we can become so busy that we slip into vortex without noticing and prevent yourself from reaching the burnout stage.

You can download a free copy of the Vortex of Busyness here.


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