Staying Calm during COVID

Welcome to our Wellbeing during COVID-19 resources blog. Each of our blogs links directly to one of our 6 rules for keeping calm during the COVID crisis.

Re-entry to work; the opportunity for positive change.

The joy some of us have experienced being away from our usual work environments has brought into sharp focus how well we can do our jobs when environmental stressors are removed.

For those of us who have not been able to go to work, the thought of returning to our places of work may be causing anxiety. 

We know our work environments will have to adapt to allow for social distancing, but we are unclear on how this will impact the way we work. 

Companies will be more aware than ever that our lives no longer run on typically similar schedules. Staggering start and end times will undoubtedly become commonplace to account for social distancing on transport networks and staggered school programmes for working parents.

Long before Lockdown, it was evident that the traditional work models were outdated and causing high amounts of stress and burn out. This article explores in more depth, the fallacy of the ‘ideal worker’ and how the lockdown offers a real opportunity...

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Start. Stop. Continue. An exercise to help you reflect on the lockdown experience.

I’ve seen a lot of people commenting on what they will miss as we re-enter something of an ‘out of home working life’ again.

Strangely, this lockdown experience that was forced upon us is now creating almost a grieving stage for what we have discovered and might not enjoy again in the same way (no commuting, increased family time, more time for home cooking). But people are also reflecting on what they are highly anticipating (no more homeschooling being top of my list).

To help understand how you feel about this transition try this exercise to reflect on what you would start, stop and continue thanks to the lockdown experience. 

You can run this exercise against your whole self, your professional self, your family life and even on what you think you perceive your partner and family members have taken from the experience so far.

This exercise can show you how your passions or perceived passions have changed (which might also explain why you never got round to...

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It's OK to Say No

Whilst the demand from people to meet virtually seemed like a great resource for connecting in the early days of the lockdown, the lack of separation from home, work and social space can start to feel overwhelming.

No longer can we make our usual old excuses for not joining in when we just need some time out. No longer do we have a commute to offer us separation from home and work which gives a chance to decompress whilst we move between the two aspects of our lives.

If you just need some space, finding ways of kindly but politely refusing a ‘virtual’ catch-up is important to ensure you protect your needs, without causing offence. This article offers a great validation to this need and a couple of tips to help you too!

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