Staying Calm during COVID

Welcome to our Wellbeing during COVID-19 resources blog. Each of our blogs links directly to one of our 6 rules for keeping calm during the COVID crisis.

Connecting with your team during isolation

"I'm fine". 

The most overused lie we hear and tell in our everyday lives. It's often said as a reflex response to the question "How are you?".

With many of us conducting team chats over video digital platforms such as Zoom it's even harder to gauge how your team really are doing?

If you're still operating in a work environment you're likely to be faring no better. The changes and added stress in workplaces, now means finding an adequate way and time to check in with your team that needs better thought and planning.

So how do you connect with your team in a meaningful way to ensure they feel heard, supported and motivated? 

Rachel has put together a great resources page including a short video, to help you plan better ways to connect with your team during the COVID crisis.


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